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  Glock Glock 23C  
  Reviewer Rating 6 | Average Rating: 7.5 | Rate this Firearm  
gun reviews
gun reviews
  40 S&W
barrel Length:
  3.01" - 4 "
  $400 - $500

  gun reviews
I will review the glock 23's reliability,ease of use, ease of breakdown, reliability, looks, ammo availibility and cost, feel, and fit.
gun reviews
This is NOT a good weapon for a first time handgun owner! I couldnt even hit paper at 25 yards when I first got this gun. Mushy trigger and big blocky sights make it a challenge at far distance. Did ok at 7 yards and in. 9mm is the way to go for accuracy not 40 s&w. Lots of recoil. This weapon is a dream to breakdown quickly. If you have small hands don't buy a glock. the grip is too big. this weapon never misfired on me. super reliable. Thats were this weapon really shines. The sights kinda stink. ammo is semi affordable.
gun reviews
This weapon is striker fired, no thumb safety, grab and pull. so easy and fast. polymer coated magazines rock! fast and easy reloads. 4 inch barrel is perfect blend of concealment and funtion. This weapon has a cheap watergun type feel to it. Glocks dont live up to the hype for me. except for reliabilty and easy breakdown. they are king of that.
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