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  Ruger P94  
  Reviewer Rating 10 | Average Rating: 10 | Rate this Firearm  
gun reviews
gun reviews
  40 S&W
barrel Length:
  4.01" - 5"
  $400 - $500

  gun reviews
My P94 is the first Ruger that I have owned and it is very reliable, accurate and one of the most safe guns made. It is a little heavy but has light recoil because of the weight.
gun reviews
Very Accurate and Reliable even at 25 yards. Has the lightest recoil of any 40 cal. that I've ever shot because of it's weight. break down and cleaning is pretty simple but these guns will shoot clean or dirty and with any type of ammo. Never had a jam.
gun reviews
It has a external safety and a decocker on both sides which will let the hammer down without firing. It has a magizine release on both sides and it works great. It has a aircraft steel frame that is in my opinion is better than the plastic but heavier but a well balanced gun and feels great with the Houge grips. I would trust my and my families lives with this firearm and not think twice about it.
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