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Magnum Research Models

Baby Eagle (4)  
1911 G (2)  
  Magnum Research 1911 G  
  Reviewer Rating 6 | Average Rating: 7.5 | Rate this Firearm  
gun reviews
gun reviews
barrel Length:
  4.01" - 5"
  $600 - $700

  gun reviews
The Desert Eagle 1911 G is a competitively priced pistol targeted towards shooters who want a nice range gun in a modest package. BUT! cosmetically the gun sucks. Machine marks are abundant all over the slide inside and out, and the bluing is spotty. On both sides of the rear slide are finger smudges from somebody racking the slide before the bluing process was complete. I guess QC thought this would be ok. The sights look like a Kimber cut and are a slightly different color than the slide. They do not have the standard white dot as in most guns anymore but provide a good sight picture. Cocobolo grips are the only option but are very attracive. For someone who just wants a great shooter in a 1911 package the MR 1911 is worth a hard look.
gun reviews
Performance wise the gun shoots as well as you or I can. Admittedly I am new to the 1911 game but I know enough about pistols to give an honest review. With good ammunition I can shoot groups below two inches from a rest at 25 yards. Average groups with average ammunition tend to be around 3. The trigger is by far the best feature of this firearm. It breaks between 3-4lbs. Within the first 300 rounds I did have a couple FTF's but this is the break in period for a tighly tolerenced gun.
gun reviews
Light skelotonized aluminum trigger with little creep and a great break, black oxide (blued) finish, commander style hammer, Cocobolo grips, front serrations, polished stainless high rise beavertail grip safety, ACT mags, polished feed ramp, flared ejection port, stainless barrel.
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