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  Springfield XD-9 Sub-Compact  
  Reviewer Rating 10 | Average Rating: 9.63 | Rate this Firearm  
gun reviews
gun reviews
  9 mm
barrel Length:
  3.01" - 4 "
  $400 - $500

  gun reviews
The XD-9 Sub-Compact is a great combination of size, reliability, performance, firepower, and cost. The pistol holds 10+1 rounds of 9mm ammunition in a surpisingly small package. The pistol is pleasant to shoot and eats up anything that you feed it. Priced in the $450-$550 range, it is an affordable pistol that performs like a champ. The only negative I have experienced with this firearm is the finish on it. Granted that it has been my primary off duty weapon for 2 years, the pistol does show wear on the finish in those metal areas that rub against the holster.
gun reviews
Performance from my personal XD-9 Sub-Compact has been nothing short of stellar. Recoil is mild and a full day at the range is a joy. The pistol does not care what kind of ammunition you feed it...it simply keeps on banging away. After 700 rounds, I have yet to experience any sort of malfunction. Accuracy from this pistol is good. As long as you do your part the pistol is plenty accurate. Cleaning the pistol is easy, straightforward, and does not require any tools besides an opposable thumb.
gun reviews
The XD-9 Sub-Compact, like all XD series pistol, is best describes as containing both the safety features of a Glock and 1911. It has a safety in the trigger similar to that of a Glock and also a safety in the grip similar to that of a 1911. Both safeties must be engaged if the pistol is to fire. These features all but guarantees that any shot fired from the pistol is deliberately done so. The pistol also has a loaded chamber indicator on the top of the frame. There is an indicator at the rear of the slide that lets the shooter know if the gun is in battery, also.
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