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  Colt Colt 22  
  Reviewer Rating 6 | Average Rating: 6 | Rate this Firearm  
gun reviews
gun reviews
  22 long
barrel Length:
  4.01" - 5"
  $200 - $300

  gun reviews
I've had this piece since 98, and of course no you can't even buy them anymore. It's a nice target gun. It handles well, and is very easy to strip for cleaning. I think it's a great beginner gun, or something you would have for fun plinking.
gun reviews
The accuracy changes depending on the type of ammo i use. I found that it does ok with regular or subsonic ammo. It definitely shoots much more accurately with hyper-speed rounds (such as Remington Yello Jacket).

The rounds jamevery once in a while when the slides pushes them into the chamber - and it happens more with cheaper/older ammo. I wonder if this is because this gus (unlike most larger cal center-fire handguns) has a fixed barrel that does not tilt down when the slide is pulled back to give the round a better angle for entry.

Aslo, occasionally, expecially after about a 100 rounds fired, the empty magazine doesnt slide out easily, probably as it gets dirtier.
gun reviews
this is a striker firing pistol, it has a manual external slide safety and a "striker ready" indicator in the back of the slide.
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