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  AMT Hardballer  
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gun reviews
gun reviews
  45 ACP
barrel Length:
  4.01" - 5"
  $500 - $600

  gun reviews
Solidly constructed Stainless .45 Auto, fit and balance are excellent, shoots very well, never malfunctions. Originally produced in the late 1970's , there were at least a couple different incarnations of this company througn the years until the late 1990's, all featuring stainless steel weapons, each with varying degrees of success. My Hardballer has all standard equipment, except aftermarket grips. It shoots smooth, and never malfunctions, ever. It digests light loads, heavy loads, and standard hardball without fail. If you ever get a chance to pick one of these up somewhere, I suggest you take a look and consider it.
gun reviews
This was designed and built to be a "standard" 45 auto, no frills, other than the all stainless construction. It has proved to be just as indestructible, and more accurate, than any "government" 1911 that I have ever owned or fired. My AMT Hardballer is the one weapon that I would have as my sidearm if weight and size were not an issue. It shoots better groups for me, right out of the box, and with thousands of rounds of experience, that a similar Kimber or Springfiled that I own.
gun reviews
The AMT Hardballer is built as pretty much a "standard" 1911 style weapon.
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