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Mossberg Models

500 (9)  
590A1 (3)  
silver reserve (3)  
590 (1)  
Maverick model 88 (5)  
  Mossberg Maverick model 88  
  Reviewer Rating 9 | Average Rating: 9.2 | Rate this Firearm  
gun reviews
gun reviews
  12 Guage
barrel Length:
  24.01" - 30"
  $200 - $300

  gun reviews
This is my favorite shotgun! I hunt turkey with it and I also use it for home defense. Relatively lightweight, being in the feild with it all day is not much of a problem if your a man! maximum capacity of 5 shells (depending on shell length) with one in the chamber.
gun reviews
Came out of the box shooting reliably, and comes with a removable choke. at 45 yards, it makes a mess out of any target. 6 shells turned an empty luandry detergent bottle into shreds of swiss cheese! I have hunted deer with it and slugs coming out of this thing are very accurate. I can consistently put shots close to the bull's-eye at 75 yards!
gun reviews
A relatively simple gun, nothing special but its reliability. It is tough and durable and can take a heavy beating, but at the same time looks real nice and is easy to clean.
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