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  Walther PPK  
  Reviewer Rating 4 | Average Rating: 7 | Rate this Firearm  
gun reviews
gun reviews
  380 ACP
barrel Length:
  3.01" - 4 "
  $400 - $500

  gun reviews
Nice looking pistol, function is good, but accuracy is lacking.
This is the S&W version of the PPK apparently copied with Walther's blessings, as both names are engraved on the slide.
gun reviews
I really wish it was better. Reliability has been very good, much better than an old French PPK (in 32acp) I once owned.
Function & reliability trumps everything else on a pocket pistol, and in this catagory the S&W/ Walther PPK does well.
It's the accuracy that's terrible. It was so bad I sent it back to the factory for repair hoping they'd replace the barrel, as it had chattering on the rifling, galling all the way threw the bore, and the muzzle looks like it was just sawed off. It was returned with just a new crown (not even a crown, just chamfered at he muzzle) Accuracy still sucks, but bullets aren't keyholing any more.
Trigger pull is what you'd expect on a PPK: Nice single action and a very heavy (albeit smooth) double.
It's a decent little pistol, but the customer service wasn't to my satisfaction.
gun reviews
All stainless construction.
Large beavertail to eliminate slide bite (This works too, on my old French PPK the web of my hand would literally be bloody after shooting it a lot)

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