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Para-Ordnance Models

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  Para-Ordnance High Cap P14-45  
  Reviewer Rating 8 | Average Rating: 9 | Rate this Firearm  
gun reviews
gun reviews
  45 ACP
barrel Length:
  5.01" - 6"
  $1000 - $1200

  gun reviews
At first glance the Para Ordinance P14-45 catches your eye as a hardcore tactical 1911. The ability to carry twice the amount of 45ACP rounds as an average full sized single 1911 is awesome. You can keep eyes on front sight/target while others are fumbling around at their waist for another mag. The Para is a simple & hardcore high capacity hand cannon!
gun reviews
Without a doubt the Para has a match grade barrel, that's better and more consistent than most 1911's you would see on a daily basis. Because it is high capacity this is a great fighting gun, but will need some getting used to because the grip is substantially wider than a average single stack 1911. I would not recommend this gun for those who have small hands, but for those that have large hands you will love it! The only thing I would recommend is that Para USA use harder steel on the slide. Cleaning and break down is simply and easy, just used Q-tips and Gun Grease and Load, Rack, and Rock. Great Gun!

For CCW: If you desire to carry a full sized double stack 1911 go for it, but take into consideration some things. Outside the pant holster is recommended, Double stack means more width and more rounds which mean more weight than the average full sized 1911.
gun reviews
This gun is USPSA production class legal, which is an honorable and awesome feature! Its got a great thumb safety that provides the great support needed for the double stack 1911's!
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