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  Springfield GI 1911  
  Reviewer Rating 10 | Average Rating: 9.5 | Rate this Firearm  
gun reviews
gun reviews
  45 ACP
barrel Length:
  4.01" - 5"
  $500 - $600

  gun reviews
I am writing this review to further help in a decision for someone who wants a 1911 whether your first or not.First of all there is MASS confusion between this model and the Mil-spec model because often it is called the GI Milspec.Go to springfieldarmory.com to see the differences.The "GI" in which I am reviewing has traditional low profile original design sights with no dots,vertical slide serrations and a steel barrel.The slide is of the original design smaller ejection port meaning it is non lowered or flared for supposedly better ejection.Frame slide and barrel are all forged. Grips are hardwood engraved with "U.S." insignia. This gun comes in an OD green plastic case with cleaning brush,mag pouch,range holster,and 1 magazine.I compared this gun to the Rock island Armory,Auto Ordnance which are in the same category but I assure you the quality of the Springfield stood out as did the lifetime warranty over the others offering only a one year.The fit and finish of this gun was excellent.Nicely parkerized and very few metal shavings internally from factory found upon initial teardown before firing.The internal parts fit together nicely and the only 2 parts that were MIM (molded injected metal) that i could see were the sear and disconnector.The extractor is solid and worked flawlessly on my gun.This is a quality piece that is selling like hotcakes and much resembles those that were carried upon the beaches of Normandy.
gun reviews
Before taking this gun to the range I must say that it is of great importance that it be cleaned and lubed to remove any factory residue that may be present.I disassembled mine 100% not just field stripped and I am glad I did,it made a huge difference.This gun ran flawlessly from the get go.No failures to eject,feed,extract,no stovepipes etc..All the mods that are done to these guns that make them "better" is kinda funny when you see the guy next to you beating on his $1200 1911 when a "plane jane" just keeps on going.I love it:)Don't expect to shoot groups that are match grade but you can expect excellent combat accuracy from this gun because that's what it's original design was-for combat.If you want presicion accuracy look elsewhere or get a rifle.I'll take a gun that runs consistently over pinpoint accuracy anyday.Performance wise-this gun will run,it's a working man's gun and it has soul right out of the box:;)
gun reviews
Well,the thumb safety is the non extended type but larger than those on "original" issue 1911's and i have grown more fond of these than the extended-it's one less thing to catch on a shirt or snap off under stress.The hammer on this is serrated unlike most of the original issue which were checkered and widespurexcept for the latter issued Ithica's which were of this hammer type.Brownell's sells the checkered widepur as does King's.The slidestop is serrated over the originals being checkered.Nowlins has them for sale.The point of all this rambling is that there are endless possibilities for this gun whether you want to build a full custom as it provides an A+ platform or just want to leave it alone it is still a solid,timeless piece that will give you years of service.The prices are steadily rising due to popularity.The supplied mags are supposedly not very good but mine ran.Just in case it would be smart to have a Wilson Combat mag on hand in the event you get a bad mag.It happens to be that with most 1911 purchases the supplied mag is crappy and yes even the $1200 Kimbers come with one crappy mag.My experience is that you can't go wrong with a Springfield and if you happen to get one that isn't right "Deb" at their customer service is top notch class A and they will make it right.I shipped my "loaded" Springer to them and paid $0 for shipping either way or repairs that they did even a slide to frame tightening was $0!!!Don't know about you,but this goes a loooong way in my decision to buy a firearm of any sort.Watch your prices on this one,I found this one for $100 cheaper at another shop not 20 miles from the other!The "Mil-Spec" is about $100 more than the "GI" and most people don't do their research before buying and get taken,paying for a gun they didn't get or maybe not even want.They tried to take me when I called and asked for a "Mil-spec" and they quoted me the milspec price for the GI gun.Anyway! Just do your homework!!! This gun willl not dissapoint!!
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