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  Walther PK380  
  Reviewer Rating 9 | Average Rating: 6.4 | Rate this Firearm  
gun reviews
gun reviews
  380 ACP
barrel Length:
  3.01" - 4 "
  $300 - $400

  gun reviews
If you like the Walther P22, you will love the PK380. The PK380 is based off the P22 with afew changes The PK has a floating barrel (P22 has a fixed one). They omitted the slide release lever. You must pull the slide reward then release it to put the gun back into battery and it chambers alittle bigger bullet. Hence the name PK380.
I bought one last weekend and payed $369 plus tax. I have taken it for 2 or 3 workouts and ran about 150 rounds through it, with no mishaps,hang ups or misfires. The gun so far has cycled everytime and has worked flawlessly. I've used 3 different types of ammo. Which are PMC Bronze 90 gr. FMJ , Federal Premium Hydra-Shok low recoil 90 gr. JHP and Cor Bon 90 gr. JHP. I haven't bench tested the gun yet, but I can hit 2 liter bottles of water everytime from 25 to 75 ft. There is little to no recoil and you can shoot 2 and 3 round burst very fast and accurate with ease. In about 2 to 3 weeks I should have 500+/- rounds threw it and I'll give an update on how accurate and dependable the PK380 was made. So far so good.
gun reviews
You just read it
gun reviews
It go's BANG
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